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4.5 Managing Classes

When managing classes, you can add a new class, rename or delete an existing class, and create a Featured Class. For more details, see Featured Classes.

To find a class:

  1. From the System Homepage, click the Class Manager menu.
  1. Select Class Search.
  1. A list of all the active classes is displayed.

You can use two different views to display the list of search results.

Table View is a flat list of the search results, displayed in a table.

Grouped by Units displays unit names on the left hand side with assignment name within the selected unit on the right.

Table View

The table view provides a list of all classes, and a utility to look up classes. Click Grouped by Units to change the view. Click a class name link to open the Class Homepage.

Once you click the Open link to view the class summary, you will have the following options:

  • Click Choose Instructor to select a different instructor.
  • Click Edit to edit the class details.
  • Click Delete to delete the class.

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