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4.4 Class Information Fields

When creating a new class, you will be required to fill in the class registration form. The following information is requested.


The instructor's name.

An instructor is selected from the database of system users at the time of initial class registration and setup. The user selected to be the instructor does not need to have the default system role of Instructor; any user in the system can be made an instructor. This is useful because a student user can be made the instructor of a tutorial class, for example. Then the student will have student privileges in those classes in which he or she is enrolled as a student, and he or she will have instructor privileges in the class that he or she is instructing.

Instructor Email

The instructor's email address.

When you select the instructor for the class, the email address associated with the user you selected is automatically used in this field and cannot be changed. The email address will be shown on the Class Homepage.

Course ID

(Optional) A combination of letters and numbers to identify the course; for example, stats101.

The maximum number of characters allowed is 10.

Class Name

The displayed name for a class. It appears on the Class Homepage and in other administrator lists. The Class Name is created at the time of initial registration by the instructor or the system administrator. You can also rename classes.

  • The maximum number of characters allowed is 255.
  • The system ensures that class names are unique. If you or an instructor select a name that exists, the system requests that you select another name.
  • Clicking the Class Name link opens the Class Homepage in the related class.

Class Short Name

(Optional) A shortened name for the class, which is displayed only when space is limited (for example, on the System Homepage).


(Optional) The name of your school.

Registration Locked

Registration is locked by default, preventing students from enrolling themselves in the class. Open registration allows students in the system to enroll themselves in the class.

Allow Students to Drop Class

When this option is checked, students can withdraw from a class using a Drop Class button displayed on the class homepage.

Allow Anonymous Access

Allow Anonymous Access is only visible if it is enabled by the administrator. When enabled, this feature allows anonymous users to take a test without logging into Maple T.A. by giving them access to the system homepage. This page will only show classes that are also set to allow anonymous access. Any practice type assignments will automatically be available for anonymous users.

Featured Class

Marking a class as a Featured Class allows any instructor to create child classes that inherit content from this class. If a class is not a featured class, only the instructor of the class, or an administrator can create a child from it.

When a class is marked as a featured class, it will be listed in the Inherit Content From menu, which is visible to any instructor.

Inherit Content From

You can inherit content from a parent class or Featured class. This gives you access to question banks, assignments, quizzes, and tests from the parent class or Featured class.

Default Role in Class

Choose a default role from the drop-down menu.

Sort Weight

This options controls where the course falls when it is shown in a list of courses. A larger number corresponds to higher placement in the list of courses.