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4.3 Child Class

Creating a child class is an ideal way to manage multiple class sections of a large course using common question banks and assignments, ranging from practice to homework to exams.

Question banks and assignments inherited from a parent class are always identified in lists by the icon.

Child classes can also contain unique question banks and assignments that are not part of the parent class.

To create a child class:

1. From a Class Homepage, in the Class Details panel, select Add Child Class.

2. Complete the class registration form.

Shared Class Behaviors

  • Changes, additions, and deletions made to question banks and assignments in the parent class are automatically distributed to child classes.
  • If the instructor edits a question bank that was inherited from a parent class, the instructor's changes are included in any assignments in classes that use the edited questions; however, the instructor must save the question bank with a unique name (using the Save/Install option in the Question Editor).
  • If the instructor edits an assignment that was inherited from the parent class, the changes are reflected in the assignment sessions taken by students in the class immediately after the instructor saves the changes.

Important: Changes to question banks or assignments in the parent class automatically update the copies of the question banks or assignments with the same name in child classes. It is recommended that instructors save their edited copies of these materials using a unique name so that they receive automatic updates from the parent class to the inherited contents of the same name.

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