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1.1 System Overview

Maple T.A. uses banks of questions, for example, questions from class homework, test items, or other class problem material, as the basis to construct assignments. You can authorize students to take assignments and to have them graded.

  • The instructor controls the rules and policies for assignments, which can range from self-study and homework sessions to proctored exams. When the instructor is satisfied with the questions and rules in the assignment, the instructor publishes it for use by students. When an assignment is published, the instructor controls availability and due dates, sets grading parameters, and records grades directly in the system's Gradebook.

  • To use the system for homework management and online testing in the class, instructors begin by creating a class. After the class is set up, the instructor, students, and proctors can access the Class Homepage after logging into the system.

  • After students register in the class, they can select assignments to take from the list of assignments and review the results of their work on assignments they have completed.

  • Class proctors can validate a student's ID prior to administering a proctored exam through Proctor Tools.

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