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7.7 Adding an External Assignment

You can add external assignment grades to your Maple T.A. gradebook. There are two ways to add external grades, by uploading a list of grades, or through the Gradebook interface.

Adding External Grades using a Roster

Grade rosters are an efficient way to add a large number of grades at once. By uploading a file, you can add multiple external assignments at once.

To upload external grades

  1. Create a text file in the specified format.
  • The first column identifies the users. This can be login names, email addresses, or student IDs.
  • The remaining columns provide assignment data. Assignment data consists of the following, in order: the assignment name, the total points, the passing score, and the student scores. For the correct format, see Figure 7.16 below. Note: unique1, unique2, unique3, etc. represents students by their student identifier, which can be modified in the Options panel (step 6 below).
Import External Grades into the Gradebook from a File

Figure 7.16: Import External Grades into the Gradebook from a File

  • Save the file as a text file, with fields delimited by comma or tab characters.

  1. From the Class Homepage, select the Assignments menu.
  1. Select External Import.
  1. Click Browse to find the text file containing the grade roster.
  1. Using the drop-down menu Select file format, specify whether the file is comma-separated or tab-separated.
  1. In the Options panel:
  • unique represents a unique student identifier: use the drop-down menu to choose the student identifier; either Login, Email, or Student ID.
  • Existing external assignments: use the drop-down menu and set it to Override. With this selection, if the assignment exists already, students' existing record for the assignment is overwritten with the new data. If the student does not have a record, a new one is created. The other option is Ignore, which is if the assignment exists already, then it will be ignored and no grades will be imported for that assignment.
  1. Click Submit.
  1. Preview the imported data. Click Save External to save the external assignments to the gradebook.

You can now view this data in the Gradebook.

Adding External Grades Individually

To add an external assignment manually

  1. From the Class Homepage, select the Assignments menu.
  1. Select External & Rubrics.
  1. In the External Assignment panel, use the drop-down menu to choose an assignment or manually enter the assignment name.
  1. Use the drop-down menu to select a Rubric Table.
  1. Specify the assignment's Total Points and Passing Score.
  1. In the Assignment Grades panel, enter the following information for each student:
  • Score: the score they received on the external assignment.
  • Comment (optional): add a comment.
  1. Click Save to save this data to the gradebook.

You can now view this data in the Gradebook.

Modifying External Assignment Grades

You can modify an external assignment in the gradebook.

  1. In the gradebook, perform a search for the assignment.
  1. Click the name of the assignment to edit the external grades.
  1. Modify the assignment name, total points, passing score, if desired. Modify student grades or feedback.
  1. Save the results.

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