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7.6 Rubric Tables

In Maple T.A., rubrics can be created to mark a student's offline assignment, laboratory, or presentation. Rubrics are highly customizable and instructors can modify the names and weighting of each category.

Accessing Rubrics

  1. From the System Homepage, select a class to enter the Class Homepage.
  1. Click Gradebook in the top toolbar.
  1. Select Rubric Tables.

Creating a New Rubric

  1. Click New Rubric Table.
  1. The Rubric Table Editor appears where you can add a title to the rubric, add or delete categories, assign weighting, and add category names and descriptions.
  1. Next to the text box Name, enter a rubric title.
  1. To add another table underneath the existing one, click Add Table.

Tables Table 7.4 and Table 7.5 explain the symbols to create a rubric table.

Table 7.4: Creating Columns for a Rubric Table

Column Symbols


Move column to the left

Add a new column

Delete a column

Move column to the right


Table 7.5: Creating Rows for a Rubric Table

Row Symbols


Move row up

Add a new row

Delete a row

Move row down

5. To revert the rubric table to its original form since the last save, click Reset.

6. Click Save to retain all changes made to the rubric table, or Cancel to cancel the changes made since the last save.

Editing an Existing Rubric

  1. In the top toolbar under the Class Homepage, click Gradebook.
  1. Select Rubric Tables.
  1. To find an existing rubric to edit, search the Rubric Table. The rubric name, number of points, as well as the date and time the rubric was last modified is displayed in the Rubric Table.
  1. Click the title of the existing rubric you want to modify, as shown in Figure 7.12.

Rubric Table Editor

Figure 7.12: Rubric Table Editor

The options displayed are as follows:

  • Preview opens the rubric in another window. In preview mode, you do not have the ability to make additional changes but you can test the rubric by clicking on the boxes to assign grades for each category in the rubric.

Note: In preview mode, these grades will not be saved. In order to assign and save grades in rubric tables, see Using a Rubric to Grade an Assignment.

  • Edit allows you to make changes to the rubric. Note: Remember to click Save to retain the changes.
  • Delete allows you to delete the selected rubric. You will receive a message to confirm the deletion, as shown in Figure 7.13.
Delete Rubric

Figure 7.13: Delete Rubric

Click OK to delete the rubric table.

  • Copy will clone the rubric and assign it a default name: Copy of ...

Using a Rubric to Grade an Assignment

1. In the top toolbar on the Class Homepage, click Assignments.

2. Select External & Rubrics.

Linking an Assignment and a Rubric

External Assignment

Specify the assignment, the rubric table for the assignment, and other details. You must Save these details before you assign student grades using the rubric.

Choose Assignment

Select Create new assignment or select an existing assignment to grade using the rubric from the drop-down menu.

Assignment Name

For a new assignment, give the assignment a name.

Rubric Table

Use the drop-down menu and choose a rubric table to link to the assignment. After a rubric is assigned, an icon ( ) appears next to the text field. You can now preview the rubric you have selected. Also, an additional column is added to the Assignment Grades table.

Total Points

The total number of points on the assignment graded by the rubric.

Note: This value is automatically determined when you select a rubric from the drop-down menu above.

Passing Score

Input a numerical value that represents the passing score for the assignment.

User Search

To grade a rubric for a specific student, it may be useful to find the student. In this situation, the quick User Search may be useful. Just start typing the user login, name, email, or student ID and the list will show only students that match your criteria.

Using a Rubric Table to Assign the Student a Grade

To assign the student a grade, an instructor can use the rubric table to assign a grade to the student.

  1. The Assignment Grades tab specifies the students listed in class. For each student, their student name and student ID is displayed. As soon as a rubric is assigned, another column is added in the middle of the table called Rubric. See Figure 7.14.
Rubric Table

Figure 7.14: Rubric Table

  1. Click the rubric icon () to view the rubric. You have the ability to assign the student a grade and add comments to the rubric directly.
  1. Click Save to retain the changes made. You will receive a confirmation message to confirm the saved changes. To disregard the changes you made to the rubric, click Cancel.
  1. The student's grade is automatically calculated from the weighing assigned in the rubric. Their grade is displayed in the Score column.

5. You can add comments or notes in the Comments column.

Class Homepage and Rubric Tables

When you return to the Class Homepage after linking assignments and rubrics, you will see a new section called Rubrics, as shown in Figure 7.15.

Class Homepage with Rubrics

Figure 7.15: Class Homepage with Rubrics

This tab displays the Rubric Name and Points assigned to that rubric. You can click on a rubric to proceed directly to External & Rubrics.