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7.5 Working with Grade Reports

You can create grade reports that reflect your class grading policy, provide a snapshot of up-to-date grades, test out alternative methods for weighing assignments, and so on.

A grade report is defined by selecting assignments, putting them into report groups, and defining the weighting for each group. You can control the grading policies that determine how grades are allocated.

Creating a New Grade Report

To create a grade report:

  1. From the Class Homepage, select Gradebook.
  1. Select Grade Reports from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click New to define a new report.
  1. Specify a name for the grade report.
  1. Then, click Add Group.
  1. For Group Name, specify a name for the report group.
  1. Use the check boxes to select the assignments for the group, as shown below.
Grade Reports and Available Assignments

Figure 7.10: Grade Reports and Available Assignments

  1. Specify the weight of this group in the overall grade computation.
  1. If desired, adjust the additional settings.

For a report group, you can set the following settings:

  • Group Name — the name of the group in the grade report.
  • Weight — set a weighting for the group in the overall grade for the report.
  • Drop Lowest — drop the lowest n grades in the group.
  • Weight Assignments — weight the assignments in the group equally (normalized) or by using the total points for each assignment (summed scores are divided by the summed total).
  • Non-Attempts — mark non-attempts as 0 or ignore.
  • Use — if an assignment is attempted multiple times, specify whether to use the best, most recent, earliest, or average grade.
  • Bonus — mark a group as extra credit. If a group is marked as Bonus, its weight is not used to reach the cumulative weight of 100% for the grade report. In a grade report, bonus assignments are indicated with the bonus icon ().
  1. When finished, click Save to save the group settings.
  1. Add more groups as needed.
  • Within a grade report, an assignment can only be in one group. Thus, any assignments that were already placed in a group will not appear in the Available Assignments list for other groups.
  • The weightings of the groups in a grade report (excluding any bonus assignments) should add to 100%.
  1. You can change the order of the groups listed in a grade report. To change the order, select a new position number from the drop-down menu of the assignment you want to reposition, as shown in the image below.
Re-ordering Assignments

Figure 7.11: Re-ordering Assignments

The grade report adjusts the positions of all affected assignments accordingly.

  1. To publish a grade report so students can view the report, select the Visible check box next to the Report Name.
  1. Click Save to save the grade report.

Viewing a Grade Report

To view a grade report

  1. From the Class Homepage, select Gradebook, then select Grade Reports.
  1. From the Select Grade Report panel, select the Grade Report you want to view.
  1. If applicable, use the Filter Results panel to narrow the search.
  1. In the View panel, select data to include in the results.
  1. Click Load.

In a grade report, bonus assignments are indicated with the bonus icon ().

Publishing a Grade Report for Students

You can publish a grade report for student viewing. To publish a grade report, edit the grade report and select the Visible check box.