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5.13 Scanned Document Questions


Scanned document questions allow students to scan in a document using a generated code that is private and unique. Instructors can upload and grade scanned documents, such as paper-based assignments or rough work associated with an assignment question.


A scanned document question is not automatically graded by the system. Student responses are sent to the instructor, who scores them manually and assigns a grade in Maple T.A.'s Gradebook feature. No answer or feedback is immediately available upon submission.

Working with scanned document questions consists of these steps:

1. Creating the scanned document question.

2. Having the student generate their unique document code.

3. The student records the code on their paper-based document.

4. The physical document is scanned.

5. The scanned document is uploaded.

These steps are explained in greater detail in Working With Scanned Document Questions.

Working with Scanned Document Questions

Create a scanned document question

To create a scanned document question:

  1. From your Class Homepage, click Content Repository.
  1. From the Create New menu, select Question/Text

  1. The Question Designer screen appears:
  • Enter a title for the question under the Question Name panel.
  • Enter the question in the Question Text.

  1. Click Response Area ().
  1. The Edit Response Area screen appears:
  1. Under Choose Question Type, select Scanned Document.
  1. Weighting: specify the weight of this response area in the overall question. (By default, the Weighting is set to 1).
  1. Allowed File Extensions: Using the check boxes, specify the allowed file extensions for uploaded files
  1. Click OK. to finish the Scanned Document response.

  1. Click Preview to preview the question.
  1. Click the button that generates your document ID code
  1. Notice the unique, secure scanned document code is displayed in the Scanned Document Code window.
  1. The scanned document will be indicated with this code.

Generate the unique document code

When students take a test that includes this scanned document question, they will be presented with the button. Click this button to generate the unique document code.

Record the document code and scan the document

The students must record their generated code on their document then submit this document to the instructor. The instructor will then scan the document. Once scanned, the document is ready to be uploaded by the instructor.

Uploading Documents

Documents can be uploaded as:

  • Individual files- Instructors upload each individual file.
  • Batch upload in a zip file.

Uploading Individual Documents

To upload individual files:

  1. In the Scanned Document Upload panel click Choose File.
  1. Select the file you want to upload, then click Open.
Batch Uploading of Documents

Batch uploading requires two steps:

  1. Creating the zip archive.
  1. Uploading the zip archive.

Creating the Zip Archive

The zip file must contain a csv file called files.csv and the files to upload. For example:

The Files.csv file must contain three columns: User, Code, and File. An optional column, Grade can also be specified in the file.

You can generate this file by doing the following:

  1. From the Scanned Document Search panel, select User then specify a username.
  1. Select codes without files.
  1. Click Search

The list of codes assigned to this user is displayed in the Scanned Documents panel.

  1. Click the CSV export link.

This last step generates a csv file like the following:

  1. Open the csv file and fill in the filename(s) in the File column and save the csv file.
  1. Click Choose File and select the file you would like. Remember to select the User identifier that matches the ID type used in files.csv (Login, Email, or Student ID).
  1. Click Upload. Note: if there are any problems with the upload, you will be directed to a page, listing the problems.
  1. Click Submit to complete the batch upload.

Searching for Scanned Documents

  1. From the External menu tab at the top of the page, select Scanned Documents.

  1. Select your search criteria. You can filter search results by assignment, document code or user.
  1. Click Search to display the results.

Note: If a file has been found, you will see a button that opens the document in a new window. If not, you will see a placeholder with the document ID.

Next Steps

To edit further details in the Content Repository, see Editing Question Details.