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4.6 Equivalent Responses

By default, the system recognizes equivalent algebraic, numeric, equation, and unit expressions in student responses. This behavior is controlled by your instructor in the event that the learning objective of a particular question is for you to demonstrate an understanding of the equivalent expression.

Examples of Equivalent Responses

Algebraic Equivalence

If the answer to a question is (t+1)2, a response of (t+1)2 or (t2 + 2t + 1) is graded correct.

Equation Equivalence

x2 + 1 = y is equivalent to y-1 = x2.

Numeric Equivalence

1/2 is equivalent to 3/6 is equivalent to 0.5 or 5E-1.

Unit Equivalence

10000 cm2 is equivalent to 1 m2.

Important: Read your question instructions carefully and be sure to enter an appropriate response. For instance, if the question asks you to reduce an algebraic expression, it would be inappropriate (and graded wrong) to enter the source expression.

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