4.5 Entering and Editing Formulas in Symbol Mode - Maple T.A. 10 Help

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4.5 Entering and Editing Formulas in Symbol Mode

Navigating Templates

To edit a formula, use the left, right, up, and down arrow keys to navigate the placeholders. The following figures show navigation through a formula.


  • To edit the exponent, you move the cursor to the right as in figures (1)-(3).
  • Pressing the down arrow puts you on the bottom of the fraction, as in figure (4).
  • Using the right arrow key repeatedly puts you all the way to the right, allowing you to add another term to the equation, as shown in the last figure (5).






Cursor Movement Behavior Summarized

  • Use the mouse or the arrow keys to move the cursor.

  • The left and right arrows move the cursor between placeholders. When you reach the end of a placeholder, the cursor automatically moves to the next placeholder.

  • The up and down arrows move the cursor vertically.

  • Characters are automatically grouped together as you enter them. When the cursor is over a group, an underline appears beneath the whole group. Use the space bar to separate characters you do not want grouped together.