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4.4 Entering Expressions from Palettes

These operations are only available in Symbol Mode math entry.

Basic Appearance

Here is an example of the Equation Editor for Symbol Mode as it appears in a question:

Math expressions and equations are created from palettes.

  1. The main palette is displayed at the top in the Equation Editor.
  1. Highlight and click a symbol. The symbol is displayed in the Equation Editor.
  1. Enter the first few characters of an expression or symbol name and select Ctrl + Space (Command + Space on Macintosh) to insert the expression or symbol name, or to display a list of commands to complete the entry.
  1. If necessary, use the arrow keys to move between placeholders. For more information, see Entering and Editing Formulas in Symbol Mode.

Example Math Function and Symbol Palettes and Templates

Depending on the questions your instructor has chosen, various math function templates can appear in your formula toolbar.

Table 4.1: Examples of Palettes

Math Operators



Arrows (Chemistry Questions)