4 Math Help - Maple T.A. 10 Help

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Math Help

4.1 Entering Math Expressions

There are two ways to enter symbolic or numeric math expressions as part of your responses to questions.

  • The system default mode is Text Mode, in which you enter symbolic or numeric math expressions in a simple keyboard notation, much like a graphing calculator.
  • You can also use the Symbol Mode, which allows you to enter formulas in the Equation Editor, pick algebraic symbols and operators from a palette, and see your expressions appear in standard mathematical layout as you type.

For a tutorial on math syntax, see Basic Math Syntax in the System.

Note: Some question modes involving math expressions in answers do not offer you the option of Symbol Mode (for example, numeric or formula questions requiring you to include a physical dimension along with a number). For these questions you must enter your response in Text Mode, although you can use the Preview option to see how the system interprets your typed entry and inspect it for misplaced parentheses and other unintended keystrokes.