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3.6 Mastery Assignments

Mastery assignments:

  • Graded assignment results for mastery assignments are recorded in the class Gradebook.

Mastery assignment features:

  • Your instructor has selected a series of related questions and you must demonstrate your mastery by correctly answering a question or a minimum number of related questions from a question pool before continuing through the assignment to completion.
  • The sequence through the assignment material is carefully planned by your instructor to achieve specific pedagogical objectives and cover a particular topical terrain.
  • You respond to each question individually, and submit each response individually for grading.
  • The system provides information about your progress versus requirements for the entire assignment. Your progress results are updated after every question you attempt and grade.

Rules and policies:

  • In addition to setting the number of questions you must answer correctly at each level before proceeding, your instructor may also specify penalties for incorrect responses. For example, if you have answered the 3 questions about the third topic incorrectly, you may be required to answer additional questions about this topic or an earlier topic before moving onto topic four.