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3.2 Homework and Quiz Assignments

Homework and Quiz assignments:

  • Graded results on homework and quiz assignments are recorded in the class Gradebook and are available for you to view after assignment completion.

Homework and Quiz assignment features:

  • You are presented with a series of instructor-selected questions.
  • You can navigate freely between questions, answering questions out of sequence until you submit the assignment for grading.
  • The total number of questions in a particular assignment appears when you click the Question Menu in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Questions can also be skipped using the Question Menu.
  • You complete all questions.
  • All responses are submitted for grading at the same time.
  • The system warns you if you have not completed all questions, or if you have entered responses that may cause problems, for example, responding to a question that expects an equation as your entry without including an = sign.

Rules and policies:

  • Homework or quiz assignments can be attempted more than once. This decision is at the discretion of your instructor, who sets the policy for your assignments.
  • You may be able to retake the assignment multiple times for practice or to improve your grade. Your instructor can assign an upper limit for the number of retakes you are allowed.
  • Time limits can be assigned by your instructor indicating how long you can work on an assignment within one session. If there is a time limit set for the assignment, a pop-up window warns you as you approach the time limit. You are not allowed to answer additional questions once you exceed the time limit.

Note: If you are interrupted during a homework assignment or quiz, you can log back into the system and return to the assignment where you left off. Your interaction with the system is saved as you move from one question to the next. See Assignment Navigation.