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3 Assignment and Question Types

3.1 Types of Assignments

Each type of assignment has its own characteristics and policies. The assignment types are Homework and Quizzes, Proctored Exams, Anonymous Practice Assignments, Mastery Assignments, Study Session Assignments, and Adaptive Assignments.

Assessment-style Assignments

  • The system uses Anonymous Practice, Homework and Quiz, and Proctored Exams to deliver a complete test all at once. Your instructor selects the questions and sets policies.
  • In assessment style assignments, you enter responses to an entire series of questions, one-at-a-time, and the system stores your responses between questions.
  • Moving from question to question within an assignment is allowed until you complete all questions (or choose to ignore the warnings to do so) and submit your responses for automatic grading.
  • For Homework and Quiz as well as Proctored Exam assignments, graded assignment results are recorded in the class Gradebook.

Study Session and Mastery Assignments

  • These assignments are usually drawn from a large pool of assignment material (often algorithmically generated to produce limitless question permutations).
  • There is no pre-established number of questions for either Mastery or Study Session assignments. Questions are drawn from pools throughout the assignment session.
  • Assignments are delivered one-question-at-a-time, and you submit each question for grading individually and immediately, instead of having the entire test graded at the end.

Mastery and Study Session assignments emphasize different approaches to learning:

  • For Mastery assignments, your instructor creates a carefully structured collection of questions grouped by learning objectives. Mastery assignments require a login and password, and results are recorded in the Gradebook.
  • For Study Sessions, you control the study process by practicing question after question. Questions can provide hints and full solutions that are available while you work. Results are displayed one question at a time and are not recorded in the Gradebook.

Adaptive Assignments

  • An adaptive assignment will present you with questions that the instructor has organized by difficulty. As you progress through the assignment, the questions you see are dependent on your previous responses.
  • These assignments can be either Anonymous Practice, Homework and Quiz, or Proctored Exam.
  • For Homework and Quiz as well as Proctored Exam adaptive assignments, graded assignment results are recorded in the class Gradebook.