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2.3 Select Assignments

In the Class Homepage, the list of assignments that displays is determined by your instructor, who has chosen the questions, set the rules and policies, and published each assignment for your use.

After an assignment is created, your instructor can also decide what feedback is displayed upon grading, set passing grade levels, and determine how grades are recorded in the system Gradebook.

Your instructor determines when assignments will be available to you, and also sets assignment deadlines. You must complete an assignment and submit it for grading prior to a deadline, after which you will not be allowed to continue for credit.

To access an assignment:

  • Click the assignment link that you would like to open from the list provided.

Assignments with Restricted Access

Your instructor may restrict access to an assignment. These restrictions could include:

  • Proctored Browser required — You must take the assignment in the Proctored Browser, a full screen mode that locks down the computer while you are taking assignment. For more detailed information, see Maple T.A. Proctored Browser.
  • IP address restriction — You must take the assignment from a computer with an IP address specified by your instructor, for example, a computer in a specific computer lab.

The assignment list includes a link to any additional policies that apply to the assignment. For more information, see Policies.

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