1 Getting Started - Maple T.A. 10 Help

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1 Getting Started

1.1 System Overview

Maple T.A. uses banks of questions from class homework, test items, or other class problem material as the basis to construct assignments. After you log in, you can complete the assignments and submit them for immediate, automatic grading.

  • When you log in to the system, you enter the System Homepage. From here, you can access the Class Homepage of any class you are taking, access the help system, and change your password.

  • Each class has its own Class Homepage that contains assignment material specific to your course and instructor.

  • Your instructor controls the rules and policies for assignments, which can range from self-study and homework sessions to proctored exams. When an assignment is published, your instructor determines when it is available, establishes the due date, sets the grading parameters, and records grades in the system Gradebook.

  • The system provides you with a graded assignment report that may include feedback about incorrect answers and other helpful study information.

  • The system can deliver randomly-generated variable data inside questions, which means that many assignments can be attempted more than once (depending on your instructor's preferences). You will find that algorithmically-generated assignments provide an opportunity to practice the problem-solving skills required in your course.

  • You can view past assignment results in the Gradebook.

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