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Setting Initial Conditions in the 3-D Workspace

You can set initial conditions for joints in your model using graphical controls in the 3-D Workspace.

To set initial conditions


In the 3-D Workspace, click the sphere that represents the joint component. The sphere is removed temporarily from the 3-D Workspace and the manipulator for the component is displayed.


Hover your mouse pointer over the manipulator. The manipulator is displayed in yellow.


Click and drag your mouse pointer around the manipulator to display the meter that represents the initial angle value that you want to set for the joint. A pie graph-shaped meter is displayed in orange.

When you drag your mouse pointer, you can adjust the initial angle value for the degree of freedom represented by the graphic. The angle value increases if you drag the mouse pointer up or to the right, and decreases if you drag the mouse pointer down or to the left.


Release your mouse button when the meter is at the approximate initial condition value that you want. Under the Properties tab ( ), the parameter for that initial condition displays the value that you selected and the implicit geometry is set to that value in the 3-D Workspace.



Alternatively, you can set initial conditions for your model by entering a value for the θ0 parameter under the Properties tab. Initial conditions that you specify under the Properties tab will be reflected in the 3-D model.


To specify precise initial angle conditions, turn on snapping. For more information, see Changing Snapping Options for the 3-D Workspace.

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