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Fit Animation: Centering a View in the 3-D Playback Window

Fit Animation positions the view so the entire simulation appears in the 3-D Playback Window during playback. This is useful for models with wide trajectories where you want to see the entire simulation without having to pan and zoom.


To center a simulation:


Select the 3-D Playback Window in the Simulation Results tab.


From the Playback Toolbar, click Change 3-D Settings ( ).


Select Fit Animation.  The simulation is centered and the magnification is adjusted.


If the Fit Animation option is selected, clicking Fit Scene ( ) in playback mode will center the animation in the 3-D playback window.


Note:  For a smooth transition to occur when switching between the 3-D orthographic and perspective views in the 3-D Playback Window, select Enable View Change Animations at the bottom of the Settings panel.


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