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Connecting Objects in the 3-D Workspace

To define interactions in your model, you can connect objects that you add to the 3-D Workspace. When objects are connected in the 3-D Workspace, the corresponding connection lines are added to the block diagram representation in the Model Workspace.

In the 3-D Workspace, connected joints appear as red spheres and all other connected 3-D objects appear in dark gray. Objects not connected to other objects appear in light gray.

To connect objects in the 3-D Workspace:


To start a connection line, click Connect Ports ( ) in the 3-D Toolbar or press Ctrl+Shift+C (Command+Shift+C for Macintosh).


Hover your mouse pointer over an object in the 3-D Workspace. A gray panel displays the component name and its available connection ports.


Click the object once. If the object has more than one connection port, a context menu displays all of the available ports.


If applicable, from the context menu, select the port that you want to connect.


Drag your mouse pointer and hover your mouse pointer over another compatible 3-D object to which you want to connect the original 3-D object.


Click the new 3-D object once. If the object has more than one connection port, select the port that you want to connect from the context menu.

Note: You must click Connect Ports each time you want to create a connection.

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