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Opening a MapleSim Model in a MapleSim Model Embedded Component

If you have a Maple worksheet attachment that contains a MapleSim Model embedded component, you can use this component in the attachment to open a MapleSim model.  For a complete description on how to use the MapleSim Model embedded component to edit and analyze the properties of MapleSim models in a Maple Standard worksheet, see MapleSim Model Embedded Component.

Important: The method of using the MapleSim Model component to interact with your MapleSim model from a worksheet has been deprecated and is not recommended.  Use the LinkModel command instead.  For details, see the MapleSim Application Programming Interface Overview.

Note: The MapleSim model must be saved before you can open it in a MapleSim component window.

To open a model in a MapleSim Model embedded component:


Open the attachment. For instructions on opening the attachment, see Attaching a File to a Model.


After the attachment opens, right-click on the MapleSim Model embedded component and select Component Properties.... The Simulation Properties window appears.


Click Select and browse to the model you want to open and click Open. The File field of the Simulation Properties window is populated with the file path of the model.


Click OK. The model appears in the MapleSim component window.


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