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Attaching a File to a Model

You can attach a file of any format in the Attached Files tab ( ) and save it as part of a MapleSim model. For example, you can attach Maple worksheets that are related to your MapleSim model or design documents created in other applications.

When you open your model in a future MapleSim session, you can view and edit the attached file from the Attachment Files tab.

To attach a file to a model from the menu bar:


Select Edit > Attach File... .  The Attach Document window appears.


Browse to and select the file you want to attach.


Click Attach... . The file attaches to the Documents palette.


Save your model.  By default the file attaches to the Documents category.

Note:  If you want to move this attachment to a different category in the palette, you can click and drag the entry.

To attach a file to a model using the Attachment Files tab:


Select the Attached Files tab ( ).


Right-click (Control-click for Mac®) on the name of any of the following palettes:




Data Sets


3D Images




These are the only palettes that you can add a file to using this method.


Select Attach File.  The Attach Document window appears.


Browse to and select the file that you want to attach.


Click Attach... .  The file attaches to the selected category.


Save your model.


Tip:  If you want to move an attachment to a different category in the palette, you can click and drag the entry. Note that you cannot drag attachments into the following palettes (that is, you can only add files to these palettes using the appropriate App, Template, or tool):


Custom Components


App Data




Parameter Sets


CAD Models



Data sets that you provide for interpolation table components must be attached in the Data Sets category. For more information, see Creating a Data Set for an Interpolation Table Component in Chapter 2 of the MapleSim User's Guide.


If you right-click on the Custom Component palette and then select Attach File, the Add Apps or Templates tab is selected. From here you can double-click on one of the custom component templates (for example, Custom Component or Modelica Custom Component) to create a custom component for your model.

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