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What's New in MapleSim 4.5: Component Library

Updated Components

MapleSim 4.5 contains significant updates to many of the components in the 1-D Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Signal Blocks palettes. These changes include the following:


Existing parameters have been renamed


New parameters for some components. For example, a new conditional parameter has been added to some electrical components to model a heat port and a new conditional parameter has been added to some 1-D mechanical components to model a fixed rotational support flange.


Component equations have been updated

For a complete list of changes, see MapleSim 4.5 Component Updates.

Initial Conditions

In MapleSim 4.5, you can specify the initial conditions for components from all domains in the MapleSim component library.

Previously, initial conditions were calculated by MapleSim. In MapleSim 4.5, these initial conditions are now configurable. In addition, you can specify how the solver enforces these values for the initial conditions during a simulation.

For more information, see the Specifying Component Properties section in the MapleSim User's Guide.

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