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What's New in MapleSim 3

Project Manager

In MapleSim 3, you can use the new project manager interface to browse your model and manage your model data in a single, accessible panel. The project manager contains the following tools:


Model Tree palette to browse the hierarchical structure, and rename and delete components in your model.


Stored Results palette to view, export, and save simulation results.


Library Models palette to manage subsystems and custom components associated with a model.

To access the project manager, click the Project tab located at the left of the model workspace.

New Message Console Pane

You can use the new message console pane located below the model workspace to refer to progress information messages in a central location within the main MapleSim window. Before simulating a model, you can select an information level to specify the amount of detail displayed in this pane.

New Help Pane

You can use the new help pane located below the model workspace to view help topics associated with components from the MapleSim component library. To view a help page, do one of the following:


In the Components tab at the left of the model workspace, right-click (Windows® and Linux®) or Control-click (Macintosh®) a modeling component in any of the palettes and select Help from the context menu.


Select a component that you added in the model workspace and press F2.

Alternatively, you can search for and view the associated help topics in the MapleSim help system.

Ability to Exclude a Section of Your Model From a Simulation

If you want to view and compare results generated by specific sections of your model, you can exclude a component grouping from the next simulation that you run. When you simulate your model, results will be displayed only for the sections that were not excluded. You can use this feature to debug your model and compare results without having to delete components from the model workspace.

For more information, see Comparing Results Generated By Sections of Your Model.

Ability to Preview the 3-D Configuration of a Multibody Model

Before simulating your multibody model, you can click the multibody preview button ( ) in the main toolbar to preview the initial 3-D configuration of components such as rigid bodies and rigid body frames. You can use this feature to verify whether your model has been built correctly and whether the initial conditions are set the way you want.

For more information, see Previewing the 3-D Configuration of a Multibody Model.

Connection Routing Enhancements

In MapleSim 3, new connection routing features allow you to lay out and edit connection lines in the model workspace more easily.

When you connect two components that are positioned diagonally from each other in the model workspace, by default, MapleSim automatically selects and then allows you to draw either an L-shaped or Z-shaped line based on the positions of the connectors. Alternatively, you can specify whether all connection lines that you draw are L-shaped or Z-shaped. Also, as you are drawing a connection line, you can hold the Ctrl key (Command key for Macintosh) to toggle between drawing an L-shaped or Z-shaped line.

To edit connection lines, you can drag segments of connection lines and reposition them in the model workspace.

For more information, see Connecting Modeling Components and Selecting a Layout Type for Connection Lines.

Enhanced Model Navigation Controls

In MapleSim 3, model navigation controls have been enhanced significantly. You can now use drop-down menus to browse directly to specific subsystems or components in your model, and browse between subsystems and hierarchical levels in your model.

For more information, see Browsing Subsystems Hierarchically.

Connector Tooltips

When you hover your mouse pointer over a connector in the model workspace, a tooltip displays the connector name. This feature allows you to identify connectors quickly and easily in the model workspace.

New Modeling Components

Several new components and component libraries have been added in MapleSim 3.

For a complete list, see New Modeling Components in MapleSim 3.