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New Modeling Components in MapleSim 3

New Hydraulics Library

A collection of hydraulic components has been added in MapleSim 3. It includes hydraulic sensors and sources, actuators, pipes, and valves. You can use these components to model systems such as fluid power systems, hydraulic circuits, and actuation systems.

For more information, see Hydraulic Library Overview.

New Electrical Components



New Components


NPN, PNP, Heating NPN(deprecated), Heating PNP(deprecated)

Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transitors (MOSFET)

Heating NMOS(deprecated), Heating PMOS(deprecated)


Heating Diode(deprecated)



New Components

Asynchronous Induction Machines

AIM Slip Ring, AIM Squirrel Cage

Machine Components

Air Gap R, Air Gap S, Damper Cage, Electrical Excitation, Permanent Magnet, Squirrel Cage

Machine Sensors

Current RMS Sensor, Electrical Power Sensor, Mechanical Power Sensor, Rotor Angle, Voltage RMS Sensor

Space Phasor Components

Electrical Rotator, From Polar, From Space Phasor, Single Phasor Rotator, Space Phasor, To Polar, To Space Phasor

Synchronous Induction Machines

SM Electrical Excited Damper Cage, SM Permanent Magnet Damper Cage, SM Reluctance Rotor Damper Cage

New Signal Blocks


New Components

Boolean Signal Blocks


Discrete Signal Blocks

Discrete Pre

Mathematical Functions

Reset Integrator

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