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What's New in MapleSim 2.0

3-D Visualization and Animation

In MapleSim, a new 3-D visualization environment allows you to view animated 3-D graphical representations of multibody systems. You can view the components in your model as 3-D graphic objects and visualize your simulation results by playing an animation depicting the projected movement of these components.

For more information, see The 3-D Visualization Environment.

New Panel to Archive, View, and Export Simulation Results

The Results Management window allows you to archive and view results, including 3-D visualizations and animations, for multiple simulations. When you run a simulation, an entry is added to a list in the Results Management window and your simulation results are stored. You can retrieve results from previous simulations and compare results in multiple plot windows. If you want to work with your results in another application, you can also export your simulation data to a Microsoft® Excel (.xls) or comma-separated values (.csv) file.

For more information, see Viewing Simulation Results.

Ability to Create and Manage Subsystem Parameters Using Parameter Blocks

You can now create parameter blocks to define a set of subsystem parameters to allow multiple components in a model to inherit those parameter values. By creating a parameter block, you can define parameter values that are shared by multiple instances of a component in one location and reuse sets of parameter values in other models.

For more information, see Creating Parameter Blocks.

New Templates for Parameter Analysis

Two new templates have been added to the MapleSim document folder. You can use the Linear System Sensitivity Analysis Template to perform parameter sensitivity analysis, and the Monte-Carlo Simulation Template to define a random distribution for a parameter and run a simulation using that distribution.

New Modeling Components

The following components have been added to the MapleSim component library in this release:

Signal Blocks


Ceiling Function


Floor Function


Modulus Function


Power Function



Electrical Analog


Translational EMF





1-D Rotational Mechanical


360 Angular Sensor


Wheel Axle

1-D Translational Mechanical




Translational Friction


Translational Hardstop

For more information, search for these component names in the MapleSim help system.

New Examples

Numerous sample models with annotations and analysis templates have been added to the Examples palette to demonstrate MapleSim features, including 3-D visualization and animation, in all engineering domains.

Faster and More Robust Simulation Engine

Various enhancements to simulation engine allow you to simulate large models faster and more efficiently.