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Heat Transfer Components

This library contains components to model one-dimensional heat transfer with lumped elements. This allows you to model heat transfer in machines, provided that the parameters of the lumped elements (for example, the heat capacity of a part) can be determined by measurements.  Calculating the lumped element parameters from certain analytic formulas may not be possible because of the complex geometries and the large amount of materials used in machines.  

Body Radiation - lumped thermal element for radiation heat transfer

Convection - lumped thermal element for heat convection

Convective Resistor - lumped thermal element for heat convection with input thermal resistance

Heat Capacitor - lumped thermal element storing heat

Thermal Conductor -  lumped thermal element transporting heat without storing it

Thermal Resistor - lumped thermal element transporting heat without storing it

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The components described in this topic are from the Modelica Standard Library. To view the original documentation, which includes author and copyright information, click here.






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