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Real Signal Sources

Clock - generates an actual time signal

Constant - generates a real constant signal

Constant Vector - generates a real constant n-vector signal

Cosine - generate a cosine signal

Exponential Chirp - generates a real sine signal, which varies exponentially in frequency over time

Exp Sine - generates a real exponentially damped sine signal

Exponentials - generates a real rising and falling exponential signal

Kinematic PTP - move as fast as possible along a distance within given kinematic constraints

Linear Chirp - generates a real sine signal, which varies linearly in frequency over time

Pulse - generates a real pulse signal

Ramp - generates a real ramp signal

Real Expression - sets the output signal to a time-varying real expression

Saw Tooth - generates a real saw tooth signal

Sine - generates a real sine signal

Step - generates a real step signal

Trapezoid - generates a real trapezoidal signal

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