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MapleSim Tire Components

The Calspan tire model computes expressions for the lateral force and aligning moment.  The longitudinal force, rolling resistance moment, and overturning moment are assumed to be zero.  

The Fiala Tire model computes expressions for all tire forces and moments except for the overturning moment.  The effects of inclination angle on tire forces are not included, nor are the effects of comprehensive slip during combined cornering and braking/traction (i.e. lateral and longitudinal slip are treated independently).

As its name suggests, the Linear tire model provides a linear relationship between the tire's slip angle and and longitudinal slip, and the lateral and longitudinal forces developed at the contact patch.  The aligning moment, rolling resistance and overturning moment are assumed to be zero.

Unlike the analytical Fiala and Calspan models, the Pacejka 2002 tire model is based upon fitting experimental data to the well-known "magic tire formula".  Complex expressions for all tire forces and moments are computed, taking into account a wide range of physical phenomena.  The main drawback  to this model is the requirement for determining the large number of parameters that are employed.

Unlike the Linear, Fiala, Calspan and Pacejka tire models, the User-Defined tire model allows the forces generated at the contact patch to be externally specified.  The signal input ports on the component represent the user-specified forces and moments along and about the ISO unit vectors.

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