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MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon

Volumes - Overview

These models give the dynamic response of lumped oil volumes and accumulators when the pressure is above the vapor pressure. They give wrong results if the pressure falls below vapor pressure during the simulation. All resistance models that use TwoPortComp take into account the fact that the pressure cannot fall below vapor pressure and correct the computed flow rate in case of negative pressure. This modeling approach gives a set of equations where a higher index system can be automatically reduced.

Accu1 - Hydro-pneumatic accumulator (simple gas model)

Accu2 - Hydro-pneumatic accumulator (refined gas model)

Chamber - Oil-filled chamber with a moveable piston and pressure-dependent compressibility

MultiPortOilVolume - Lumped-volume with pressure-dependent bulk modulus, with vectorized connector

OilVolume - Lumped-volume with pressure-dependent bulk modulus

PistonGasAccumulator - A gas-filled piston accumulator

SpringAccumulator - Spring-loaded accumulator

Volumes[Components] - Basic components for accumulators

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