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MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon

Restrictions - Overview

These classes model restrictions. All components have lumped volumes at the inlet and outlet ports.

Laminar restrictions are components where the flow is laminar (for example, long lines, leakage in valves, hydrostatic slipper bearings).

Orifices are sharp restrictions where the flow is usually turbulent. Laminar flow occurs only when the pressure differential is very small. With laminar flow, the flow rate depends linearly on the pressure differential.

Each of these models have lumped volumes connected at each port, called VolumeA and VolumeB, to model the oil in the hose to the left and right of the restriction

LamRes - Resistance with laminar flow and volumes at the ports

MeteringOri - Metering orifice with variable area and laminar/turbulent flow, without cavitation,

OriCav - Orifice model for laminar/turbulent flow possibly with cavitation with volumes at the ports

Orifice - Recommended orifice model with volumes at the ports

OriPoly - Orifice model using a polynomial approach with volumes at the ports

SimOri - Simple orifice model for turbulent flow with volumes at the ports

Restrictions[Basic] - Basic components of restrictions

Restrictions[Basic][PressureDrop] - Class with different pressure drop models

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