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MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon Overview

The MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon provides enhanced hydraulic components; these components are not compatible with the standard hydraulics library available with MapleSim.

Each hydraulic component in a model references an oil component, which defines the characteristics of the hydraulic fluid. Predefined fluids are available in the Fluids palette. One oil component, named oil, must be added to each model that uses a hydraulic component from this library. To use more than one oil component in a model, enclose the hydraulic components that share a given oil in a subsystem, along with the associated oil component.

Most components have lumped volumes added to the hydraulic ports; these volumes reduce the stiffness of the system which helps the numerical integrator.

Components found under the Basic section of some libraries (for example, HydraulicResistance[Basic]) do not include lumped volumes at the hydraulic ports. These components require the addition of lumped volumes to the hydraulic ports or a numerical solution of the algebraic equations.

The Rosenbrock solver (see Simulation Settings) and geometric scaling option (see Advanced Simulation Settings) are recommended for use with this library.

Examples of the use of this library are given in MapleSim. To view an example in MapleSim, click Help, select Examples > Modelon Hydraulics Examples, and then click on an entry.

For more information on the hydraulics library, see the HydraulicsLibraryTutorial.pdf document in the toolbox/ModelonHydraulics subdirectory of your Maple installation directory.




Cylinders with pistons


Control valves actuated by electric coils


Library of elements for the design of hydraulic components


Fluid models


Pressure loss through pipe geometries


Long lines with inertia of a moving oil column


Positive displacement pumps and motors




Pressure and flow-rate sensors


Valves that control flow according to pressure and flow rate


Chambers and accumulators

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MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon Overview

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