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1 Getting Started

This chapter describes how to use the MapleSim Connector for JMAG-RT. With this connector you configure a JMAG-RT component with a motor file created in JMAG-RT (that is, an .rtt file) and then use the component in your simulations. This is accomplished by performing the following steps.


Generating a JMAG-RT Motor File


Configuring MapleSim to Use the JMAG-RT Motor File


Running Your Simulation

For information about the JMAG-RT components, enter ?MapleSimJMAGRTConnector[Overview] at a prompt in a Maple worksheet.


1.1 Generating a JMAG-RT Motor File

After you have configured your motor in JMAG-RT, save the model as an .rtt file. The MapleSim Connector for JMAG-RT works directly with this file.

1.2 Configuring MapleSim to Use the JMAG-RT Motor File

The code in the .rtt file is used by the JMAG-RT component to model your motor. In order for MapleSim to use this code, the .rtt file must first be attached to the model, and then the JMAG-RT component has to be configured to use the file.

To configure MapleSim to use the JMAG-RT motor file:


Open or build the MapleSim model in which you want to use the JMAG-RT motor file.


Select the Attached Files tab ( ).


Right-click Documents, and then select Attach File.


Browse to the location of the .rtt motor file, select it, and then click Attach....

The motor file is attached to your MapleSim model in the Documents palette.


Select the Library Components tab ( ), expand the JMAG palette, open either the Rotational or Translational sub-palette, and then drag the desired JMAG-RT component on to the Model Workspace.


Select the JMAG-RT component.


Select the Properties tab ( ), open the Parameters > General section, and then select the attached .rtt file from the rtt_filename list.


Connect the JMAG-RT component to the other components in your model.

The JMAG-RT component is configured to simulate your motor in MapleSim using the attached motor file. To have the motor file available for future simulations, save your MapleSim model.



All JMAG-RT components have an optional support connection which provides a second 1D mechanical flange so that the torque/force generated by the component is applied between the two flanges.


To enable the support connection, select the JMAG-RT component, select the Properties tab ( ), open the Parameters > General section, and then select use support.

1.3 Running Your Simulation

After you have built your model with the JMAG-RT component connected, you can run your simulation.

To run your simulation


Select the Settings tab ( ).


Select Fixed from the Solver Type list.


Click Run Simulation ( ) in the Main Toolbar.

When the simulation is complete, a graph for each specified quantity is displayed in the Simulation Results tab of the Analysis window.


For more information on MapleSim, building MapleSim models, attaching files to MapleSim models, and simulating a model with MapleSim, see the MapleSim Help system.

Note: If you plan to export your MapleSim model using another MapleSim connector, see Library Requirements for Other Connectors for instructions on how to add the path to the JMAG-RT library file to your search path.


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