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If you need assistance after installing Maple, or cannot find the answer to your question in the documentation, read the Support FAQs at


If your question is not answered in the FAQs, request technical support.


For customers in the USA and Canada, request support by visiting our web site and completing the form located at


Alternatively, you can contact:


Technical Support




615 Kumpf Drive


Waterloo, ON


Canada N2V 1K8




Phone:   +1 (800) 267-6583 ext. 413


Fax:     +1 (519) 747-5284


Your comments about Maple can also be sent to Customer Support.


Phone:  +1 (800) 267-6583 ext. 240


For customers outside the USA and Canada, contact your local distributor. To find a distributor in your country, visit

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