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Change the Properties of an Axis


You can change many properties of a 2-D plot using the plot properties dialog.


Click the plot to select it. Alternatively, right-click (Control-click, for Macintosh) the plot to activate the context menu.


From the Plot menu, select Axes and then Properties. The Axis Properties dialog appears.




Choose which axis you wish to modify by selecting either the Horizontal Axis or Vertical Axis tab. You can switch between the axes at any point.


Change the settings to reflect the axis properties you want.


Check Log mode to scale the function logarithmically on that axis.


Check Use data extents to use the default range for the dependent variable.  If a range was specified in the initial plot command, that range is the default.


When the Use data extents option is turned off, specify the range for the dependent variable.


Check Let renderer choose tickmarks to use the default tickmarks, or turn this option off to specify tickmark placement manually.


Specify the number of tickmarks along the entire axis, evenly spaced, or specify the spacing between each tickmark.  The Offset indicates the distance from the x-axis at which the tickmarks will start, on either side.


Check Multiply by Pi to display the tickmarks at multiples of Pi, with appropriate labels.  If custom spacing is defined, the given number is multiplied by Pi as well.


Check Use default subticks to use the default number of subtickmarks between each tickmark.


Check Number of subticks and specify a number to define the number of subtickmarks between each tickmark.


Specify the color of the axis, labels, and markings.


Selecting Apply changes the plot to reflect the current settings. When you are finished changing the settings select OK. Selecting Reset changes the plot back to the way it was when you opened the dialog. Selecting Cancel dismisses the dialog and undoes all changes.

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