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Using the Spellcheck Utility


The Spellcheck utility examines all text regions of your worksheet, including collapsed sections for potential spelling mistakes. It does not check input, output, or text in execution groups.


Note: The Spellcheck utility uses American spelling.


How to Use the Spellcheck Utility

Custom Dictionary

How to Use the Spellcheck Utility


From the Tools menu, select Spellcheck. (Note: You can also use the F7 shortcut key.) The Spellcheck dialog appears. It automatically begins checking the worksheet for potential spelling mistakes.


If the Spellcheck utility finds a word that it does not recognize, that word is displayed in the Not Found text box. You have six choices:


- To ignore the word, click Ignore.


- To ignore all instances of the word, click Ignore All.


- To change the word, that is, accept one of the suggested spellings for the word, the one that is in the Change To text box, click Change.


- To change all instances of the word, that is, accept the suggested spelling to replace all instances of the word, click Change All.


- To add the word to your dictionary, click Add.


- To close the Spellcheck dialog, that is, quit the Spellcheck utility, click Close.


When the Spellcheck is complete, a dialog containing the message "spellchecking complete" appears. Click OK to close this dialog.

Selecting a Suggestion


To select one of the suggestions as the correct spelling, click the appropriate word from the list in the Suggestions text box.


If none of the suggestions are correct, you can highlight the word in the Change To text box and enter the correct spelling. Click Change to accept this new spelling.

Custom Dictionary


You can create and maintain a custom dictionary that works with the Maple Spellcheck utility.

Properties of the Custom Dictionary File


It must be a text file, for example, mydictionary.txt.


It is a list of words, one word per line.


It is case sensitive. This means that integer and Integer require individual entries in the dictionary file.


It does not require manual maintenance. You build your dictionary file by using the Add functionality of the Spellcheck. However, you can manually edit the file if an error is introduced.


To specify that a custom dictionary be used with the Maple Spellcheck utility:


Create a text file (for example, .txt) using your favorite text editor in a directory/folder of your choice.


In Maple, from the Tools menu, select Options, and then click the General tab.


In the User Dictionary field, enter the path and name of the text file you created in step 1, or click Browse to select the location and filename.


To ignore Maple words that are command and function names, select the Use Maple Words in Spellchecker check box. A check mark indicates that the Spellcheck ignores Maple words.


Click Apply to Session.

Adding a Word to Your Dictionary


When running the spellcheck, if the word in the Not Found text box is correct, you can add the word to your dictionary.


Click the Add button. If this is the first time you are adding a word, the Select User Dictionary dialog opens.


Enter or select the custom dictionary (text file) you created.


Click Select. The word is automatically added to your custom dictionary file.

Spellcheck Usage and the Worksheet


Spelling errors can be changed only in the Spellcheck dialog when using the Spellcheck utility. You cannot change the text in the worksheet while the Spellcheck utility is running.


This Spellcheck utility does not check grammar.

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