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Insert an Object (Windows Only)

You can insert object files into Maple worksheets and documents.  Supported formats:


Excel File Format - xls, xlsx


Microsoft Word and PowerPoint File Formats - doc, docx, ppt, pptx


Bitmap Graphics - bmp


Comma-Separated Values File Format - csv


Excel Template and Workspace File Formats - xlt, xlw


RTF File Format - rtf


DOT Graph Format - dot

To insert an object:


Place the cursor where the object is to be inserted.


From the Insert menu, select Object. The Insert Object dialog opens.


Navigate to the desired file.


Select the file and click Load. The object appears in the Maple worksheet.




You can copy an object in an application, for example, a BMP image in Microsoft Paint, and paste the object into a Maple worksheet.


BMP support is limited to variants supported by Java Advanced Imaging. Also, some BMP files may not be displayed in Macintosh operating systems.

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