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Handwriting Palette


This palette provides an efficient way to find and insert the correct symbol. You draw the symbol with your mouse and then Maple matches your input against symbols available in the system.

Handwriting Recognition


Mathematical handwriting recognition is a hard problem and subject to research around the world. Maplesoft is taking an active role in this research area because we believe that entering and manipulating mathematics using a pen has the potential of delivering a superior user experience in the future.


The Handwriting Input Window is a technology preview, allowing you to experiment with our current prototypes in this area. Please feel free to use this technology preview to get a glimpse of what is to come. Feel free to send us comments and feedback at productmanager@maplesoft.com


To use the Handwriting Input Window canvas and have Maple recognize whole formulas:


In the Handwriting palette, click the Input Window button. With your cursor, draw a formula in the canvas. For example, draw a+b. (The pencil tool is activated by default.)


Click the Recognize button. Maple attempts to match your formula and displays the match below your drawing.


If the match is not precise, with your mouse, left-click each item in the formula. For example, click the a in a+b. Maple displays a list of possible matches.


Select from one of the possible matches and click the Recognize button again.


Note: If you want to clear the result and edit your drawing, use the Strokes button.


Click Insert to insert the forumula into the document.


The Clear button clears the canvas.


The Eraser tool allows you to erase individual items in your formula.

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