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Copy and Paste Expressions


Copy and Paste within Maple

Copy and Paste to Another Application

Copy and Paste within Maple


Copy an expression, or part of an expression, to another location on the worksheet.


Select the expression, or part of the expression, to copy.


From the Edit menu, select Copy.


Place the cursor at the insertion point where you want to copy the expression.


From the Edit menu, select Paste.


If you Paste into an input region, Maple interprets all the pasted content as input.


If you Paste into a text region, Maple interprets all pasted content as text.

Copy Full Precision


Copy full precision copies not only the displayed text, but also the full numerical output.  This is most useful for output upon which numeric formatting has been applied, so that even digits of precision that do not display are copied.


To use Copy full precision:


Select the output to copy.


Right-click on the selection to use the context-sensitive menu, and select Copy Special > Copy full precision.


Paste the output as for normal copying.

Copy and Paste to Another Application


When you copy and paste to another application, Maple retains the original structure. For example, you can Paste the selection into Microsoft(R) Word.

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