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Maple as a Mathematical Problem-Solving Tool


Use Maple to solve a wide range of mathematical problems. Enter, compute, and manipulate mathematical expressions by using the powerful Maple mathematical engine. During the problem-solving process, Maple can take the result of one calculation and use it as input for a second calculation. In this way, Maple can solve complicated mathematical problems.


The executable input you enter at the command prompt in a worksheet is called Maple input. It is displayed in red Courier typeface by default. You can change the default by modifying the Maple Input text style. (See Modify Character Styles.)


Maple output is the result of an executed Maple input command. It is displayed centered in blue Times typeface by default. You can change the default by modifying the Maple Output text style. (See Modify Paragraph Styles.)


The combination of Maple input with its corresponding Maple output is called an execution group. It is the fundamental computation and documentation element of the Maple worksheet.


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