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Reporting MapleCloud Document Exchange Content

All content uploaded to the MapleCloud Document Exchange server is subject to the MapleCloud terms of service. For more information, visit If you believe that a worksheet or workbook should be removed, you can report it. Reports for content uploaded in a custom group are submitted to the group owner for review. Reports for content uploaded in the public or Maplesoft@admin group will be submitted to the Maplesoft moderator for review.

Note: You must be logged in to the MapleCloud Document Exchange to report content.

To report content:


In the MapleCloud palette, right-click (Control-click for Macintosh®) an entry.


From the context menu, select Report Content.


Enter the reason for reporting the content and click Report.  The flagged content is displayed in the MapleCloud with a reported content icon ( ).

The group owner will receive an email notification when content within their group has been reported.  The group owner is responsible for reviewing the flagged content.  Note: In some cases, due to the particular setup of the Maplesoft or Google account, the group owner may not receive an email notification.  The group owner can still identify content in need of review by its reported content icon and review the content.

To review reported content (group owner only):


In the MapleCloud palette, select the group in which the content has been flagged.


The flagged entry is indicated with the reported content icon .  Right-click (Control-click, for Macintosh®) this entry.  The reason the content was reported is shown in the context menu item Verify Flagged Content.


To approve the content, select Verify Flagged Content from the context menu.


To remove the content, select Delete.

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