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Approving a Request to Join a MapleCloud Group

If you created a custom group for the MapleCloud Document Exchange, you can approve user requests to join your group. You must be logged in to the MapleCloud Document Exchange to approve requests.

To approve a request:


In the MapleCloud palette, click the More actions... button ( ).


If necessary, log in to the MapleCloud Document Exchange.


Click the Manage Groups tab.


In the Groups that I manage section, select the group that you created.


Click Members... Alternatively, double-click a group name in the list.


Select the account name of the user that you want to approve and click the add button ( ). Alternatively, double-click the user's account name.  

When you approve the request, the user who submitted the request becomes a group member automatically and can share and view content according to the permissions that you assigned to the group.

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