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Language and System Changes in Maple 8


Maple 8 includes the following language and system changes.


Lexical Structure

The in Operator

Division (`/`)

Lexical Structure


In Maple 8, the question mark character (?) can appear in identifiers, after the first character, without enclosing the symbol in left single quotes.




Maple returns an error if a question mark character appears as the first character in an unquoted identifier.

The in Operator


In Maple 8, the keyword in can also be used as an infix operator, representing the membership relation.

2 in { 1, 2, 3 };



s in S;



A new inert SetOf operator is recognized by in. It is used to form the extension of a type or property.

evalb( 13 in 'SetOf( integer )' );



is( a in 'SetOf( real )' ) assuming a::real;



Division (`/`)


The division procedure `/`, when called as a function, now accepts 1 argument, in which case it returns the reciprocal of that argument. When used as an operator, however, two operands are still required.

s / t;



`/`( s, t );



`/`( t );