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Password Protected Content


Distribute Password Protected Content

...While Still Allowing Execution

Distribute Password Protected Content


To open this worksheet as a workbook, click here.


In a workbook, you can password-protect worksheets, documents and application but still



pass parameters into the protected content and run its code


and get results out.


If you were to open the workbook version of this help page, as suggested in the first paragraph, you would see that the workbook contains a protected worksheet. In the Navigator panel, you can see two worksheets.


• is the worksheet you're reading right now


Ideal Brayton is the protected worksheet


If you double click on Ideal Brayton, Maple asks you for a password.


...While Still Allowing Execution

However, you can send parameters into this worksheet and get results out with RunWorksheet.


If you want to view Ideal Brayton, you need to supply a password (the password is "maple").

DocumentTools:-RunWorksheetthis:///Ideal Brayton,Tmin=300degC,Tmax=1300degC,Pmin=101kPa,r=8