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Bringing the power of Maple to your applications and websites

The MapleNet suite of mathematical services brings the power of Maple to your applications and websites. With MapleNet, you can add mathematical computations and visualizations to your web and desktop applications, share solutions over the web through interactive Maple documents, and develop rich technical web content.




MapleNet provides a standard web services application programming interface (API), making the computational power of Maple available regardless of the language or infrastructure you use to create your website, desktop applications, and mobile applications.


With MapleNet, you can easily share your Maple documents, calculators, and technical applications. Your colleagues and students can interact with your content, perform calculations, and visualize results, all from within a standard web browser. Maple provides the most intuitive interface available for creating web applications that rely on mathematical computations. You simply drag buttons, sliders, math input regions, plot regions, and other components into your Maple document to create the interface, and then add the functionality behind the interactive components using Maple’s high-level, mathematically sophisticated programming language. Once completed, you simply save the Maple document on the MapleNet server to make it available online.


MapleNet provides the tools you need to put mathematical power behind your website. MapleNet supports web content written as Java Server Pages (JSP), Java applets, and Maplet applications. With MapleNet, you can design custom web applications that perform live calculations based on user input and display the results using standard mathematical notation and dynamic, interactive plots and animations.


For more details and demonstrations, see the MapleNet website.