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Least Squares Plot


This template generates a Least Squares Plot. If a fitting function is entered, it must have at least one free parameter.

Least Squares Plot

Data Entry


Data can be entered in one of the following formats:



List of lists (either 2-D or 3-D)


Two lists of coordinates (for 2-D)


Three lists of coordinates (for 3-D)


Fitting Function



If the fitting function is linear (line in 2-D or plane in 3-D), a function need not be entered.



If a formula for a curve or surface (linear in the unknown parameters) is optionally entered, variables must be explicitly declared, below.





The default line will use the variables x,y.


The default plane will use the variables x,y,z.


Optionally, these defaults can be overridden.


If a fitting function has been given explicitly, variables must be declared as a sequence or list.



Click the icon below to generate the Least Squares Plot.

Commands Used


See Also

LinearAlgebra[LeastSquares], CurveFitting[LeastSquares], Statistics[Fit], Statistics[LinearFit], Optimization[Minimize], Optimization[LSSolve]


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