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Interactive Application Template


This layout contains the elements needed to create an interactive document in Maple, including a table to display the elements efficiently, and interactive components such as dials, gauges, and plot components.


Insert the template into a new Maple document to get started, then use the [Tab] key to move between the placeholders, replacing them with your content.


This document contains headers and footers that will display on every page when the document is printed. To view or edit the current header and footer, select Header Footer from the Insert menu. To preview, click Print Preview in the header and footer editor.


The commands within the dials cause the other components to update whenever the value of a dial is changed. To edit the behaviour of the components, right-click on a dial component and select Component Properties... You can change the actions to be performed by clicking the Edit button next to Action When Value Changes. For more information about the commands within the components, see the help pages on embedded components and DocumentTools.




Explanatory text, describing the application



use the Dials to set parameters

use the Plot and Math Components to display the results




use the Gauge component to display the result


Plot of   

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