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Visualizing Regions of Integration in 3-D Cartesian Coordinates


Working in Cartesian coordinates x,y, and z, select a volume element dv. (There are six possible choices: dz dy dx, dz dx dy, dx dy dz, dx dz dy, dy dx dz, dy dz dx.)


Enter an integrand and the appropriate bounds of integration.


Compute the value of the integral either exactly or numerically.


Obtain a graph of the 3-D region determined by the limits of integration. The bounding faces for the region of integration are drawn with the following color-coding: yellowgraygreenbrownblueredΨ ⅆv.

Evaluate RΨx,y,z dv and Graph R

Volume Element dv


   , where Ψ=   













Commands Used

Int, plot3d, plots[display]

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