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Factoring Quadratic Polynomials



Click on the button "Generate px:" to obtain a quadratic polynomial.
The polynomial initially visible is a place-holder only, and the other buttons are not enabled until this button has been pressed.


The factor-pairs for a and c are displayed, and the first pair for each is auto-selected.


Click on the button "Possible Factors" to see all the possible arrangements of the factors of the quadratic if the selected factor-pairs of a and c are used.


Click on the button "Factors Expanded" to see if any of the possible arrangement of factors on the left expand to the given quadratic polynomial.


Continue until the correct pair of factors for both a and c have been found, and the appropriate arrangement of the members of these factor-pairs leads to a correct factorization of the given polynomial.

Factoring Quadratic Polynomials

           px=a x2+b x+c=

Factor-pairs for a

Factor-pairs for c

Commands Used


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