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Define a Procedure


Create a procedure by defining parameters, variables, and return values.

Define the procedure.

# Define the name and parameter(s) of the procedure.
__f__ := proc(__l__::list(numeric))

# Define variables that are local to the procedure.
        local __avg__, __i__;

# Define the statements of the procedure.
        __avg__ := add(__l__[__i__], __i__ = 1..nops(__l__))/nops(__l__);

# Define the return value of the procedure.
        return __avg__;

end proc;

f:=procl::listnumericlocalavg,i;avg:=addl[i],i=1..nopsl/nopsl;returnavgend proc


Invoke the procedure.

__f__([1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64]);



Commands Used

nops, proc, sum

See Also

ConditionalStatement, RepetitionStatement